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A short course in “Iranian Professional Culinary” for foreign guests
Horizon international institute, is a member of Asia Pacific Educational and Training in Tourism (APETIT), affiliated to the United Nations (UN), and a member of European Association of Hospitality and Tourism Education (EURHODIP). Regarding the high cost of short-term culinary courses in other countries, Horizon institute is holding short and crashed courses in “Iranian Professional Culinary” in English in 16-hour courses, in order to familiarize foreign guests and Iranian culinary enthusiasts with Iranian cuisine.
Inbound and outbound tour operation managers, foreign embassies in Iran, and all enthusiasts from different countries are invited to take part in these courses.
In case of a group request, it is possible to set the time of the course as you request.
The “Iranian Professional Culinary” training course fee for each person, including the cost of material, the cleaner, and certification is

level   1   4    hour   150    $  per person
level   2   8    hour   300    $  per person
level   3   12  hour   450    $  per person
level   4   16  hour   600    $  per person

A short course in “Iranian Professional Culinary” for foreign guests
For further information, reserving and course arrangements, please contact your Travel Agency or Mr. Sara Farahvash  00989360552371 
Tel: 0098 21 88 49 00 49
Email: Horizon_institute@yahoo.com
Check the website of the institute: www.horizontourism.ir

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